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Gtk3::Ex::DBI-3.1 released

Hot on the tails of the tech-preview of the stand-alone Datasheet library released earlier, I’m proud to now release the next major incarnation of my cross-platform RAD libraries for database development, Gtk3::Ex::DBI.

This release is a culmination of many years of hacking and contains over 700 individual commits. It drives the GUIs of a number of production systems currently in use. Major features in this release:

  • Ported from Gtk2 to Gtk3
  • Added support for Netezza
  • Added preliminary support for Teradata
  • Added proper support for non-autoincrementing primary keys, and non-numeric primary keys
  • Added more hooks for events ( eg on_delete etc )
  • Added support for autoconstruction of recordset tool buttons, eg Add, Delete, etc, and record navigator spin buttons
  • Merged Form and Datasheet functionality into a single package
  • Many, many bug fixes and optimisations

This release has been extensively tested using Gtk3’s new Broadway backend, which renders the GUI in HTML5. This means deployment to Windows desktops can be simplified considerably; no installation of software is necessary, and users can just point their browsers to a port that broadway ( and the app ) is running on.

I’m working on a Broadway session manager, which I’ll be releasing as soon as it’s ready. This utility will be able to launch new instances of broadway and Gtk3 apps when a web user successfully authenticates.

I’ll be posting HOWTOs on using Gtk3::Ex::DBI in the coming weeks / months – time permitting.

You can download the latest version of Gtk3::Ex::DBI using the links on the right, or from CPAN.