New Apple virus / botnet

I host a couple of websites on my home server, this one included obviously, and others for community organisations. They don’t need a lot of maintenance. I’ve written some perl scripts to monitor apache logs for obvious signs of comment-spam, and this keeps manual work to a minimum. So I was surprised to see this morning a large spike in traffic that happened on the 9th. Check it out:


Now this site hasn’t posted any new content in quite a while. Nor is there any particular page the traffic was going to. It turns out it’s all comment-spam related ( as usual ), and targets all pages equally. Something did stand out though:


That’s a lot of iOS & Mac OS users! In fact, if you subtract these 2 groups from the total usage stats for the day, it goes back down to normal. It sure smells like there’s a new Apple virus / botnet. If you get a virus on your desktop / laptop, it’s not so bad. But a virus on your mobile device is pretty harsh, because it can chew up a lot of your limited bandwith. I’d hate to be an Apple user at the moment. Acually, I’d hate to be an Apple user any time, but especially at the moment.

Hey I wonder if this is the new $10k Apple watch?

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